Dr. Crespo


Areas of practice


Bespoke private medical treatment

I don’t believe in treating illnesses, I believe in treating people. Each person is unique and the same illness or disease can manifest differently in each individual. I strive to offer a very personalised service, understanding each patient and their circumstances whilst addressing their presenting illness in the most robust way possible. Whether it’s an acute or chronic condition, my approach remains the same - I obtain a thorough understanding of my patient’s clinical history, background and more. I asses the individual as a whole during my in-depth consultations, where no detail is overlooked. My patient’s health and wellbeing is at the centre of everything I do.

New Patient Consultation - From £200
Follow up appointment - From £175
Home Visits - London (Mon-Fri) £300
Letters, certificates & prescriptions on request

Aesthetic & cosmetic medicine

I am a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and I have integrated my aesthetic practice as part of my belief in harmonising body and mind. Society has conditioned many of us with the desire to look attractive and youthful. As we are living longer, this has led to an exponential growth in aesthetic procedures. However, unfortunately we can take things too far in an unnatural direction. I specialise in subtle, natural and non-invasive cosmetic enhancements as a powerful tool for self-development. When a person looks well, they’ll likely feel well too. My aesthetic approach is about working together with patients over time to achieve a refreshed, natural appearance. I do not advertise or publish photos.

Stress, anxiety & depression

It is important to understand the full integration of mind and body. Understanding our emotional responses to aspects of everyday life can lead to a clear mind and lift the spirit which in time will manifest in enhanced physical self-care. Most people do not wish to feel anxious or depressed, would prefer not to be overweight, forgo addictions to alcohol and drugs and live in harmony. However, it’s just not that simple. We are bombarded by the pressures of social media, quick fix slogans, scientifically unfounded advice and a need to feel ‘happy’ all the time. I believe in an individualised approach to tackle stress, anxiety and depression, one that has the assurance of a sound medical framework. I pride myself in working hard to diagnose appropriately and offer a curative treatment plan or direct the patient to my trusted therapists and specialists who I work closely with.

Illness prevention

I am very passionate about prevention and I sincerely believe that many of the illnesses I see in my clinics could have been prevented if the patients had been properly guided years prior to the disease manifesting. Prevention requires a sensible and in-depth approach. Many clinics offer prevention scans, which may not actually be warranted, can be harmful and sometimes offer a false sense of security. In order to offer true preventive medicine, we need to clinically know what we are searching for and, just as when treating illnesses, a personalised approach is key. I use many state-of-the-art and non-invasive tests to ensure safe, effective prevention. Lifestyle advice is key to preventing illness. I am very interested in working together with my patients to develop bespoke nutritional plans, fitness programs and provide effective support which allow my patients to implement true and long-lasting change.

Concierge Service

On a very selective basis, I provide concierge services for patients that need or wish to be treated at home for complete peace of mind. I do these visits personally and follow up closely. The cost of these services are always pre-arranged before an appointment or visit is scheduled. Prescription medicine can be arranged for collection and delivery on the very same day if required.

Retainer Medical Service

Centralising medical care is essential, as is knowing my patient’s health in absolute detail. I have evolved my concierge services and now provide a personalised around-the-clock access service to a small group of families both here and abroad on a retainer basis, covering all of their general medical requirements. I offer consultations via telephone or FaceTime and can coordinate directly with specialists overseas.

Medical Tutoring & Keynotes

I am a GP tutor and lecturer for Imperial College School of Medicine and also a regular examiner for 3rd year medical students (OSCE) and final year students (PACES). I provide lectures in ultrasound and other medical matters upon request.